Mark Andrew Lim                                                           

Financial Trading Methodologist 



The Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize 2007 (UK)

Your author was the recipient of the annual international Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize conferred by STA (UK) in 2007.


A Brief History

Your author graduated in Physics from King's College London (KCL), University of London. In November 2006, he passed the STA Diploma examination with distinction, conferred by the Society of Technical Analysts (UK). In 2007, your author was the recipient of the international Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize in the field of financial technical analysis which is awarded annually to the highest scoring candidate in the STA (UK) Diploma examination. In the same year, he also achieved the IFTA CFTe designation, conferred by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (USA). Your author has conducted numerous live onsite and online masterclasses over the past decade and specializes in the design, implementation and execution of various proprietary trading methodologies. He is also the author of several books published and released internationally under John Wiley & Sons (USA & Australia).


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Your Author's Published Books Include:

1) The Profitable Art & Science of Vibratrading (John Wiley & Sons) by Mark Andrew Lim  Click Here for Wiley Listing 








2) Wiley Trading Guide Volume II:

Extracting Profit Via The MicroSwing Trend Capture Technique (John Wiley & Sons) - Chapter 12, with contributing author Mark Andrew Lim  Click Here for Wiley Listing 








3) A Handbook of Technical Analysis: The Practitioner's Comprehensive Guide to Technical Analysis (John Wiley & Sons) by Mark Andrew Lim Click Here for Wiley Listing

Your Author's Future Book Titles Include:

  • Profiting From Pure Randomness: A Practical Course in Stochastic Maximization
  • The Art & Science of Trade Exits: Techniques for Overcoming Market Uncertainty
  • Elliott Waves Exposed: The Dynamics of Wave Fractalization (TBA)
  • The Vibrational Trading Workbook: Basic to Advanced